Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spinning lesson #2.

So, this week's spinning lesson was, yet again, predictably wonderful -- the above photo is only my second attempt at the wheel, but I can't even begin to tell you how much more smoothly it went! Of course, only using three colors instead of a dozen helps to make it look a bit tidier, but I swear the whole operation felt less like a 3-ring circus. It's funny, and fitting, that when you are plying the single yarns together to make a two-ply yarn, you are twisting the beginning of your efforts (in this case rather lumpy and cumbersome) together with the last work you've done (surprisingly consistent!). You can see this result in the center of the photo, where you have the natural/light pink with the dark pink. I like how it balances things out...kind of a compromise?

The second part of this week's lesson was learning to use a drop spindle -- the most affordable piece of equipment I've purchased in ages. I won't get into explaining this method of spinning, because you can look up any number of videos on youtube that would do the trick more efficiently than I could, and a visual helps (here are a few of varying quality). I found it much easier to get a consistent yarn using this as a beginner, because it's a much slower process. Really, really slow.

My greatest excitement about learning this skill is it's major portability! I bet it's the perfect travel companion, though it would open the door for all sorts of annoying conversation (which you could in turn spin your way through, so...perfection?).

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britt said...

Amy! Don't abandon this thing! I like keeping up with your work. I just learned to crochet and am already dreaming of keeping sheep for their wool. My school has a big agriculture department, with an entire course devoted to sheep care. I am considering it. Please tell me you're still spinning!